Car Odour Removal

How to remove urine smell with pet odour control systems

Some odours in cars cannot be eliminated by a detail. Whether it is pet odour removal from urine, cigarette smoke, spilled foodstuffs or other smells, our odour removal process treats the cause of the odour at its source, along with applying a full fragrance fumigation of the car to give it that fresh smell.

Odour control systems with New Life Repairs are the ultimate odour neutraliser, effectively harnessing and removing those lingering unwanted, smells from your car.

Our odour control & car odour removal services can handle deep, in-ground smells

With franchises in operation around Australia, New Life Repairs is able to provide a wide range of customers with quality car odour removal services. For more information on removing offensive odours such as cat urine smell and to find your nearest helpful operator use our technician directory, and get in touch with them to remedy your odour control problems in your car or home.

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