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Can New Life restore the steering wheel off my classic car?

We love challenges! Email us some pictures of your steering wheel with some contact details. We will then be able to have a chat to you about your individual requirements so we can restore your steering wheel to its former glory.

I have a steering wheel and the rubber grip twists on the steel underneath. Can this be repaired so my car can get a Roadworthy Certificate?

Absolutely, New Life can come to you and take care of that loose steering wheel grip. We use materials and techniques to make sure that grip will have that as new bond with the steel underneath, making your steering wheel safe and roadworthy. Contact your nearest Service Technician for a free no obligation quote to have your steering wheel repaired.

My alloy wheels have severe scratches and scuffs. Can New Life help me?

Most definitely, New Life is able to come onsite to you and repair and restore ‘gutter rash’ or curb type damage to your alloys and give them that as new look. Our Service Technicians carry all the necessary equipment onboard and will only need access to some power. New Life does not repair structural damage such as cracked or dented alloys.

I have purchased a new car and it smells of cigarettes. Can you treat this?

Yes, New Life uses the latest odour treatment methods including activated oxygen machines, neutralising odour bombs and antibacterial treatments that get into the source of the odour problem. Our methods also have applications for stubborn odours in homes and business’. Speak to your nearest New Life Service Technician do discuss your odour problems.

My car console has some unsightly screw holes. Can these be repaired?

Screw hole repairs on consoles, dash fascias and dashboards etc. can quickly and simply be repaired. This type of repair can be easily done onsite by our New Life Service Technicians.

I would like to change the colour of my lounge. What can be done?

Lounges can be easily restored back to original colour and a colour change is also an option, although it is more expensive than an original colour restoration. Speak to your nearest Service Technician for an assessment of your leather and an outline of the options available.

Can cigarette burns in leather and cloth be repaired?

Most burns in either leather or cloth can be easily repaired. Speak to your nearest New Life Repair Specialist for an obligation free quote.

Some of the cushions on my leather lounge are looking the worst for wear. What are my options?

Speak to your nearest New Life Service Technician for an assessment of your leather. If the leather is still in good condition it is possible to restore it to like new. However, if the integrity of the leather is beyond repair then options to replace with customised colour matching to your original colour are possible.

Can you repair pet scratches on my leather lounge?

Ah, if we had a dollar for the answer to that question! Pet claw damage can in the majority of cases be easily repaired. Our New Life Service Technicians are always happy to discuss repair options. With almost 30-years of experience and product technology behind us, New Life uses the latest repair techniques and materials. If the damage is severe your furniture may need be taken away for the repair and restoration process. In the majority of cases an in-home repair should be possible.

Can a split seam be restitched?

If the holes of the stitch-line are intact and the thread has been broken the seam can be restitched by hand. In some cases the seam can still be hand sewn if the leather has been torn away. It may be necessary for our Service Technician to liaise with an upholsterer to have the seam resewn by machine. Once again a quick picture via a text message or email to your nearest Service Technician will answer your query.

Can oil stains be removed from my leather?

The short answer is yes, but the only permanent fix involves chemically extracting the oil. Our New Life Service Technicians are happy to discuss the repair process, which is commonly used for headrest and armrest areas.

Can my faded lounge of car interior be repaired?

Absolutely, so long as your leather is still in good condition your leather can be colour matched and restored making it as good as new, at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Can stains such as ink be removed from my leather?

Put simply, if someone has marked your leather with an ink pen, felt tip marker or dye transfer from materials such as new denim clothing, it can be repaired. It will require recolouring in the repair process, as ink type stains are a permanent stain and can’t be removed by cleaning.

Be cautious about using any cleaning products claiming to remove ink-like stains. They will probably remove the colour of the leather leaving a faded patch, or make the ink bleed and increase the damaged area.

A New Life Service Technician will treat your ink stain to ensure it does not migrate back through the repair, recolour the damaged area and replace the clear topcoat finish to your leather.

How do you match the colour?

At New Life our Service Technicians carry everything they need to make sure your repair is colour matched to your leather, plastic or vinyl. Whether it is furniture or automotive they have the training and techniques required to colour match your repair, even if special effects are required.

What type of repairs and services does New Life Provide?

New Life has a 30-year reputation built on being the ‘Repair Solution Specialists’. Speak to your nearest Service Technician to help you save time, money and resources by providing mobile, onsite repair solutions.

Services List:

  • Leather Colour Restoration
  • Leather Cleaning & Repairs (Domestic)
  • Leather Cleaning & Repairs (Auto)
  • Auto Interior Repairs
  • Auto Interior Silver Highlights
  • Steering Wheel Repairs/Loose Grip
  • Leather Steering Wheel Repairs/Rebuild
  • Vinyl Repairs
  • Plastic Repairs
  • Plastic Welding
  • Interior Auto Deodorising
  • Headlight Repairs
  • Roof Lining Repairs/Replacement
  • Dashboards
  • Trims
  • Cigarette Burns
  • Oil Extraction from Leather and Fabric
  • Mag Wheels/Alloys
  • Carpet Repairs
  • Heel Mat Replacements
  • New Car Leather, Cloth & Vinyl Protection
Will the repair last?

New Life Service Technicians guarantee their repairs for workmanship and finish.

Are repairs invisible?

Our Service Technicians have repair solutions that are second to none. They always aim for the best repair possible and will discuss the likely result before commencing work. In most cases another person will not be able to pick the repair, but you may see it as a natural looking blemish.

What if my leather is beyond repair?

If your leather is beyond the realms of repair our qualified Service Technicians will be happy to liaise for panels to be replaced and colour matched to the original colour.

What types of leather damage can be repaired?

Because leather is ‘Nature’s Natural Alternative’ its organic properties make most damage such as cuts, stains (ink, food and oil) and scratches (including pet damage) easily and affordably repaired. Our qualified Service Technicians are always happy to discuss repair solutions. Sending a picture via text message or email will often give you an instant answer.

How do I clean my leather furniture or car interior?

This is such a broad question. You first must know the type of leather you will be cleaning. It’s important to use a cleaner that is suited to your type of leather. Harsh cleaners will dry out your leather causing it to harden and breakdown. For free advice on the right cleaning products to use on your leather talk to your New Life Service Technician. New Life cleaning and protection products are made in Australia and used correctly will prolong the life of your leather investment.

How do I care for my leather furniture or car interior?

Leather does require a small amount of maintenance and consideration. Factoring-in the points below will prolong the life of your leather:

  • Wipe-down regularly with a damp lint-free cloth to remove surface dust.
  • Consider exposure to light, ducted heating vents, heaters and fireplaces when positioning your furniture.
  • Be aware of possible dye transfer from throws, cushions and clothing onto light coloured leathers.
  • Try avoiding the wear and tear of heavy clothing fabrics, such as denim.
  • Clean and protect your investment with approved cleaning products at intervals recommended by the manufacturer. Knowing what type of leather you have will ensure you use only the appropriate type of care products.
Why Leather?
  • Leather is a natural alternative.
  • Leather lasts longer and is more durable than fabric.
  • Leather adjusts to body temperature and is comfortable for all seasons.
  • Leather is available in a variety of styles to suit all budgets.
  • Leather is easy to maintain and can be repaired.
What is Leather?

Leather is the tanned skin or hide from any animal. Most leather is made from tanned cowhide and is a by-product of the meat industry. The hide is chemically treated or tanned thus preserving it and making it ‘Nature’s Natural Alternative’.

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Some of our recent customer reviews

Greg just repaired some quite significant scratches on the backs of my Peugeot 308cc's plastic backed seats and some sunscreen stains on the passenger side door and he did a terrific job....added a great deal of value to the car at very little cost...excellent job and I am very happy with the result
Philip Tubb
Can’t speak more highly of the work done by New Life Repairs. I took them a set of 2 Holden 1988 VL Calais Vinyl/Rubber steering wheels, one with chunks missing & ready for the rubbish, looking absolutely butchered. Lachy worked miracles bringing them back to life with paint matching, filling in the missing chunks out of it & even adding the perfect texture & they look as good as new 👍🏼👍🏼 Still can’t believe it. Thanks a lot, couldn’t be happier! Will absolutely return for more resto work in the future 👍🏼 Cheers & Thanks again!!
John Taylor