Carpet Repairs & Restoration

Carpet Repairs/Colouring

From spilling soft drinks, to leaving a crayon on it on a hot day, everybody soils or damages their carpet at some time. General carpet soiling will come clean with a professional detail. Heavily soiled carpet however, even after a professional detail, may need to be redyed to bring back its original colour. New Life can redye vehicle carpets to make them like new again.

  • Wear holes from heels
  • Dye stain from spills, inks
  • Speciality cleaners after car cleaners have given up
  • Custom heel mats to cover wear

Reviews from those we've helped

Can’t speak more highly of the work done by New Life Repairs. I took them a set of 2 Holden 1988 VL Calais Vinyl/Rubber steering wheels, one with chunks missing & ready for the rubbish, looking absolutely butchered. Lachy worked miracles bringing them back to life with paint matching, filling in the missing chunks out of it & even adding the perfect texture & they look as good as new 👍🏼👍🏼 Still can’t believe it. Thanks a lot, couldn’t be happier! Will absolutely return for more resto work in the future 👍🏼 Cheers & Thanks again!!
John Taylor
Greg just repaired some quite significant scratches on the backs of my Peugeot 308cc's plastic backed seats and some sunscreen stains on the passenger side door and he did a terrific job....added a great deal of value to the car at very little cost...excellent job and I am very happy with the result
Philip Tubb
Talk to the restoration experts about restoring your leather seats and steering wheel today.