Home Odour Control

In Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, we remove home odours you just can’t get out yourself

When smells linger no matter how long you take cleaning and scrubbing, it might be time to call New Life Repair for home odour control in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane. There are some smells like pet stains, cigarette smoke and some cooking odours that are stubborn and take a little more than home remedies to remove.

With New Life Repair’s home odour control anybody can get their space smelling fresh and pleasant again. From a family home that has been dealing with a bout of puppy toilet training to a landlord trying to remove the sour smell left by the previous tenants, the solution in Melbourne Sydney and Brisbane for any home odour control problem is our complete fragrance fumigation service.

Franchises supplying odour control in homes across Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne

We are a national franchise with more reach than ever before. Call us today on (613) 9879 6091 or fill out your details in the free quote box to the right of screen to enquire about controlling the offensive smells in your home.

We also offer services for pet odour removal in cars as well as a wide range of Melbourne wheel repair and other car services.