Become A Franchise of New Life Repairs

New Life is a dream career opportunity come true!



As market leaders in restoration, New Life Repair Services’ priority is to provide its customers with reliable service and quality of workmanship.

Across its entire range of products, from leather cleaning, odour control, seat repair and alloy wheel repairs, to restoring your old favourites to their former glory, New Life Repair Services has the solution.

New Life Repair Services’ Customers include:


All New Life Repair Services’ work is carried-out under warranty.


All New Life Repair Services work comes with a Warranty.

Over the past 33 years, the service offering of New Life Repair Services has developed within the automotive industry.

In the early days of the leather, vinyl, plastic and alloy restoration business, key automotive repair work focussed on:

  • • Vinyl Repair
  • • Carpet Damage
  • • Cigarette burns
  • • Chrome repairs – bumpers etc
  • • Internal cloth tears to (predominantly) Holdens and Fords
  • • Fabric Repairs


As technology and the automotive industry has changed, so too have the requirements for repairs.

Through evolution, the following services have been added to the New Life Repair Services tool box:

  • • Leather Restoration
  • • Alloy Wheels Repair
  • • Anti Soiling both internal and external applications
  • • Odour Control, antibacterial treatments
  • • Interior and Exterior Plastic Repairs
  • • Heel Mat Repairs
  • • Headlight restoration (cloudy headlight covers)
  • • Steering wheel repairs

According to New Life Repair Services’ Managing Director Stephen Bird, the way of the future will offer more and more custom work, such as the hit American TV Show, ‘Pimp My Ride’.


When you become a New Life Repair Services’ franchisee, you join a family that supports and protects one another.

The automotive vinyl, plastics and leather franchise specialists has developed a wonderful culture since starting franchising in 1985.

The average age of franchisees ranges from 20 to 60 years of age. The attributes of a New Life Repair Services’ franchisee are:

  • • They are interested in cars
  • • They like to repair problems
  • • They like dealing with people
  • • They like to be on the move
  • • They like one day to be different to the next
  • • They are problem solvers
  • • They are energetic/self starters and motivated
  • • They want to own, manage, drive and grow their own business


If a potential franchisee can tick the large majority of those boxes, then they should seriously be considering a New Life Repair Services’ franchise.

New Life Repair Services provides new franchisees with up to six weeks of initial training, as well as consistent, ongoing training.

Initial Franchise Fees include training, an exclusive area allocation, signwriting to a leased vehicle, stock, legal and back office support.

New Life Repairs Services expect their franchisees to:

  • • Offer all services available from New Life Repair Services
  • • Understand their market
  • • Develop an exclusive customer base
  • • Manage and maintain their customer base
  • • Maximise every opportunity – solve every problem
  • • Aim to be the best – be driven and grow
  • • Follow the franchise model
  • • Proudly represent the New Life Repair Services brand





Charlie Jimenez – Franchisee, Gold Coast, Queensland

Charlie has been with New Life Repair Services for the past 22 years, starting in April, 1995.

Formerly, Charlie was in corporate management and was looking for a change in direction.

“I caught-up with a colleague who had previously joined New Life Repair Services and after spending some time on the road with him, I decided to invest in the brand myself. ”

“After learning so much about business in the corporate world, I wanted to use these skills in my own business. ”

“I was also good with my hands, so owning a New Life Repair Services franchise seemed like a good fit for me.”

“My son has now been involved in the business for the past 14 years also and this was a great motivation to own my own business. I saw it as an investment in my family’s future.”

“Having the support of the Franchisor is fantastic. There’s a lot of stories out there about franchising but I have really enjoyed the experience. Stephen can’t do enough for his franchisees.”

“Owning a New Life Repair Services’ franchise is a lifestyle. The more you put into the business, the more you’re going to get out of it. ”

“After 22 years, I’m left with my own choices now. You can only have this when you run your own business.”


In 1984, New Life Repair Services grabbed hold of a ‘cottage industry that lacked professionalism” and turned it around to be a national industry leader.

The ‘back of the boot’ business concept of repairing automotive vinyl, plastic and leather products quickly became a slick, professional and industry-regarded operation.

Throughout the past two decades, New Life Repairs has built franchise systems and processes, developed a strong and unique business model, grown to have franchisees in four states and maintained its position as market leaders.

This has come as a result of its professional approach, leading edge knowledge and technology, as well as high quality results.

According to Managing Director Stephen Bird, New Life Repair Services’ customer service and relationships is what separates them from the competitors in the market place.

“When any New Life Repair Services’ franchisee is dealing with their customers, they are representing the brand and their fellow franchisees,” Stephen said.

“We have maintained our position as the leaders in the industry because of a number of reasons:


New Life Repair Services is very clear in its vision that with passion and commitment, it will continue to be the leading automotive vinyl, plastic and leather restoration franchise in Australia.

Over the past 28 years, New Life Repairs has continued to grow its franchise network throughout Australia, while staying leading edge in the market place.

With a proven franchise system boasting a tested suite of policies and procedures, New Life Repair Services is a ‘specialist’ franchise that is ready to take the next step in its growth journey.

New Life Repair Services’ franchisee partners have a wealth of support at their fingertips through the experience and knowledge of the franchise support team, which has been leading edge for a quarter of a century.

The New Life Repair Services’ team recognises that the success of any franchise very much depends on the success of its franchisees. For this reason, New Life Repair Services provides its franchisees with a tool box of support services, including ongoing product research and development, high level training, reporting systems, marketing and leadership.

Franchisees can also be comforted in the fact that they receive assistance with area selection, extensive training, a proven successful business model, daily business support and marketing.

At New Life Repairs, we are of the firm opinion that franchising provides a new business with a far greater opportunity for long-term success and prosperity than being an independent. This is achieved at New Life Repair Services as a result of:

  • • Being a recognised brand
  • • Having the security of a proven franchise system
  • • A proven record of successful long-term franchisees, owned and managed across Australia
  • • Access to endless support from experts in the industry
  • • Group strength in purchasing and marketing
  • • Ongoing training and business development
  • • Daily support and financial management
  • • A network of like-minded technicians