Browse below for a list of our qualified technicians throughout Australia. From alloy wheel repairs in Brisbane to getting your car upholstery repaired in Melbourne, or vinyl repair anywhere in Australia find the number you need here and be confident of quality work.

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NSW - North Sydney

Technician: Greg Helmore

Phone: 0418645344
NSW - Southeast Sydney

Technician: New Life Repairs

Phone: 03 98737745
QLD - Brisbane City

Technician: Byron Wyatt

Phone: 0418195228
QLD - Cairns

Technician: Scott Cole

Phone: 0412974143
QLD - Gold Coast

Technician: Charlie Jimenez

Phone: 0417786974
QLD - Sunshine Coast

Technician: Wayne Gilmour

Phone: 0402077799
QLD - West Brisbane

Technician: Justin Brown

Phone: 0412503599
VIC - Berwick

Technician: Ron Williams

Phone: 0418580504
VIC - Brighton

Technician: Lachy Howden

Phone: 0418331090
VIC - Dandenong

Technician: Colin Brace

Phone: 0402044808
VIC - Essendon

Technician: Andrew Ward

Phone: 0411412562
VIC - Mornington

Technician: Paul Tierney

Phone: 0419119566
VIC - Nunawading

Technician: Alex Bird

Phone: 0412887520
VIC - Oakleigh

Technician: Wayne Niven

Phone: 0412357109
VIC - Preston

Technician: Greg Wearne

Phone: 0412035718
VIC - Richmond

Technician: David Prince

Phone: 0408342042
VIC - Ringwood

Technician: Bill Weerden

Phone: 0412328749
VIC - South Melbourne

Technician: Michael Anthony

Phone: 0425885989
WA - North Perth

Technician: Dennis Rusec

Phone: 0409991175
WA - South Perth

Technician: Colin Western

Phone: 0418691248