Case Studies

View some of our quality work below to see just how effective our services can be from leather repair to vinyl repair to rim repair in Sydney and across Australia and much more.

Leather Restoration

Collectable Eames Chair (Circa 1950’s) original and genuine.

The chair had badly worn leather on the seat cushion.

Our customer wanted the chair as original as possible without replacing the leather. It is collectable, but is for everyday use. The finish was high gloss looking like vinyl rather than leather.

What we did:

The base and headrest needed repair as a result of cracking.
After repair the finish was to be flat rather than gloss.

Final result back in the Home.


NLS restored the leather of some old and tired classic family furniture back to near new condition. We have used NLS several times now. We highly recommend NLS for their excellent professional and prompt service.  Hugh, Toorak

HeadLight Restoration

Headlights need restoration for many different reasons: Yellowing/oxidization, surface scratches, solvent spills.

Headlight with heavy oxidization indicating that the OE protective layer has worn out exposing the clear acrylic to further deterioration.

What we did:

Through a series of abrasives and polishing the acrylic is returned to original condition. The headlight is then sealed using purpose designed clear coat which protects the acrylic surface into the future.

This technique can be adapted to many acrylic surfaces including instrument clusters/wind deflectors.


I cannot believe the difference in night driving.  It is as though they are new lights. From a safety point of view my lights had really dulled down, I just did not realize how badly. The lights look great as well.  Jan, Croydon

Leather Jacket

This is an example of a jacket with sentimental attachment. The jacket was worn in teenage years and had been stored away for many years. As a result it was dry and inflexible.

What we did:

Our task was to restore the look of a classic jacket without reducing its patina. Through a process of introducing conditioning creams and a stable colour pigment. The results speak for themselves.


I have owned this beautiful leather Jacket for 40 years. For the last 30 years it has been stored in my coat closet in the Laundry, which was a huge mistake as this caused mould to grow on the jacket and the leather grew hard.  I sent the jacket to New Life Repair Service and I was so excited when they returned my jacket looking and feeling as good as the day I had bought it.

Thanks again and best wishes,

Sandra, Eaglemont

Monaro HQ Steering Wheel

Original Monaro Steering Wheel with badly cracked spokes.

Original wheel in bad state of repair.

Grooving added to enable a structural repair to ensure longevity of restoration. Reinforced with carbon fibre.

Filled and primed.

Final colour and clear coat.


Customer Reaction: so happy